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Role Based

Website Manager is flexible in its approach to role management.  Each user log-in account can be assigned any number of role-based permissions from the table below:

Role Description
Viewer All user accounts that are assigned to a project will automatically be granted access to view the website project.
Author An Author is able to Create, Edit and Delete content.
Publisher A Publisher has the ability to publishing the website content to the live web hosting server.
Template Designer A Template Designer is responsible for creating and maintaining the templates that are used to give the overall look of the website.
User Administrator The User Administrator is is able to choose the roles each user is assigned to from this table.
Project Administrator The Project Administrator has the ability to setup overall project settings, for example the FTP settings that will be used to publish the website to the live web server.
Server Administrator The Server Administrator is able to manage the creation and removal of website projects as well as user accounts, assigning users to projects and defining user roles for each project.